Why volunteer with WAFUNIF?

Volunteering with WAFUNUF offers many tremendous advantages that benefit for you and the world at large. If you decide to volunteer with WAFUNIF, you can:

  • Use your existing skills to benefit your community and the world;
  • Gain new skills to grow yourself personally and professionally;
  • Network with professionals from diverse personal and professional backgrounds;
  • Participate in the planning of events that support the UN's 17 SDGs;
  • Contribute to a cause greater than yourself that has the potential to effect positive change at a global level.

Currently needed volunteer skillsets

The following is a list of skills that WAFUNIF is searching for in volunteers. If you feel you can contribute in one or more of these areas, please start a dialogue with us via our Contact Us form.

  • Software and Web Development
    • Front-end developers: HTML, CSS, JS, Bootstrap, jQuery
    • Backend Developers: Java, C#, Amazon Lambda
  • Information Technology
    • Amazon AWS
    • Microsoft 365
  • Graphic Design (photo editing and illustrating)
    • Adobe Creative Cloud
    • Gimp
    • Inkscape
  • Marketing and PR
    • Event planning
    • Crowd Funding
    • Organization Branding
  • Accounting
  • Legal