What is Vision2024?

Vision2024 is our organizational roadmap for 2024. It defines our goals and priorities for executing on our mission in the context of current events and emerging needs.

During 2024, WAFUNIF intends to

WAFUNIF's primary mission is to serve as an alumni organization to the former UN interns and fellows. We will continue to provide this function to the United Nations.

WAFUNIF will work to increase the value we offer to our member body. WAFUNIF shall seek opportunities to provide professional networking opportunities through online and in-person seminars, lunch-and-learns, and other such venues as appropriate to ensure that our members can continue their work with the United Nations after their internship or fellowship ends.

WAFUNIF will continue to improve our organization's operations, systems, and processes. WAFUNIF will continue to identify process gaps, improve and refine existing practices, and implement or improve controls and systems as necessary to enable sustainable growth and foster increased trust with our community partners, donors, members, and collaborators.

WAFUNIF's Vision 2023 defined the goal of restructuring our systems and processes to permit us to tap into a virtualized workforce. This permitted our organization to decouple our operations from our centralized office and enable us to leverage a geographically dispersed workforce. Such actions are vital to our growth and success moving forward and will ensure our organization remains effective in the face of increasing inflationary pressures and other similar planning uncertainties.

WAFUNIF's highest priority task for 2024 is the establishment of a robust fundraising apparatus. This work shall permit WAFUNIF to decouple our organizational financing from our project pursuits, helping to ensure that financial issues do not become primary decision criteria in our future project pursuits.

WAFUNIF has a need for a pool of talented, creative, and hard-working interns and volunteers to help make our visions a reality. WAFUNIF currently relies on such individuals for internal operations and will likely engage with this workforce during project pursuits as necessary until our fundraising strategy matures and stabilizes.

WAFUNIF seeks to foster synergistic relationships with individuals, corporations, and non-profits that are well positioned to make effective, enduring, and measurable impact in their communities. Such relationships will help drive successful outcomes for our project portfolio and expand our reach in support the United Nation's working agenda.