What is Vision2023?

WAFUNIF is currently reorganizing to better fufill its mission and objectives. Vision2023 is our organizational roadmap for 2022 and beyond that defines the goals and action plans for achieving this change.

Restructure operations around a virtual workforce

Covid-19 has forced all organizations, large and small, to rethink how they conduct business. The need to disperse individuals has forced organizations to utilize telepresence technologies to enable a remote workforce to maintain continuity of business operations. These remote workforces have shown that they can continue to be productive and provide value to their respective organizations. Forward thinking managers have recognized the opportunity to leverage a large, more geographically dispersed, pool of talent while also lowering the costs of operations and human resource capital. WAFUNIF has recognized the value of this paradigm and will restructure its IT systems and operations to embrace these new modes of operation.

Streamline operational efficiencies

In order to continue functioning in the current austere funding environment, WAFUNIF will conduct a deep and thorough review of its operations to eliminate unnecessary costs and minimize necessary ones. WAFUNIF's investments in telepresence technologies, along with the migration of our IT systems onto virtualized infrastructure, will ensure that the marginal monthly cost of operations remains as monetarily efficient as we can make it.

Develop our volunteer workforce

Due to the current funding level of our organizaiton, WAFUNIF is unable to maintain a paid, professional staff. Another way that WAFUNIF seeks to remain operationally efficient is to identify, develop, and leverage talented and motivated volunteers. Our volunteer page lists the needs of the organization. Please look at our listing of needs and contact us if you feel you could help.

Pursue diverse funding opportunities

In the past, WAFUNIF has relied upon traditional approaches to fundraising to provide budget for operations and projects. Moving forward, WAFUNIF will need to diversify its set of funding sources. As part of this strategy, donations will now be collected directly from the organization's website using a PayPal Donate button (found on the website header). Furthermore, WAFUNIF will work to be integrated into various non-profit focused Internet funding sources such as crowd-funding websites.

Increase social media presence

WAFUNIF will leverage the power of social media to build the WAFUNIF brand, outreach to a global audience, network with partner organizations and professionals, and identify projects opportunities that align with our mission statement and organization objectives.

Grow our project portfolio

As a 501c3 non-profit of the United Nations, WAFUNIF pursues projects that support and further the United Nations seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). WAFUNIF will continue our efforts in this area, predicated upon the successful acquisition of funding and identification of partners and opportunities.