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Internship And Fellowship


WAFUNIF’s membership is open to all (former as well as current) internes and fellows of the United Nations system (programs, departments, institutes, commissions, main organs, subsidiary organs, specialized agencies, associated bodies, etc.).

Apart from the United Nations, WAFUNIF too has its own internship and fellowship programs, which are open to both members and non-members of quality to provide requisite services. The process is generally ongoing and timing is flexible, according to mutual preferences and needs, though a commitment of at least three-month period is preferred. While the appointments are essentially honorary and non-stipendiary, they offer rich benefits otherwise (e.g., reckonable prestige, professional experience, valuable networking, career guidance, credit availability, proficient recommendation).
Since the organization is engaged in multiple sets of arrangements, applicants of most backgrounds can usually be absorbed in one or the other types of incumbencies. These may broadly fall in office-related tasks, public relations, meetings coverage, and conduct of research.


Duly filled in applications, along with requisite documents (i.e., true copies of internship/fellowship certificates/letters and cvs/resumes) should be transmitted to the WAFUNIF Secretariat at any of the given addresses, where they would be duly screened for eligibility and processed for approval. Eligible candidates shall accordingly be notified of their status and of further requirements as necessary. Approved applicants shall be required to pay the prescribed dues, will be issued membership certificates/cards, and shall be entitled to enjoy the attached privileges.
See Form Below.

In essence, members are a privileged group of international character, with excellent institutional backing. The following are some of the benefits which the membership carries:

  • Award of certificate.
    Award of card.
    Organizational prestige.
    Participation in United Nations’ activities.
    Participation in WAFUNIF’s activities.
    Access to UN documentation.
    Access to UN libraries.
    Opportunities of representation.
    Opportunities of networking.
    Opportunities of career counseling.
    Opportunities of career advancement.
    Opportunities of consultation on special issues.
    Opportunities of discussion on relevant issues.
    Facility of email forwarding.
    Facility of profile publication.
    Facility of feature publication.
    Facility of note publication.
    Facility of message exchange.
    Facility of discount at UN Bookstore and Giftshop.
    Facility of professional recommendation.
    Possibilities of participation in discussion groups.
    Possibilities of membership in Speakers’ Forum and
    Possibilities of servicing the Secretariat in functional and/or advisory capacities.